Rantings of The Angry Blonde

So, get this. Our company has been with Windstream for several years and we have 7 phone lines. We no longer need 7 phone numbers, except Windstream tells us that according to our contract with them, we’re locked into a certain number of line. Fortunately, our contract is ending soon, so we can switch carriers.

Well, you would think that would be fine. We found another very reliable carrier, that will charge us less than 1/3 of what Windstream is charging us and now we are told that we can’t keep our phone number? What do you mean we can’t keep our phone number? This is the number that our business has used for several years and now you are telling me that if I switch phone service, that I can’t keep my phone number?

Basically, we’re screwed. Windstream will not allow us to disconnect 4 of the numbers that we no longer need and they’re holding us hostage by telling us that if we move to AT&T, we can’t take our phone number with us.

They’ve agreed to have a saleperson sit down with us to discuss our account and see what they can do for us.

Doesn’t that suck or what????????

An update will follow after meeting with their salesman.

I keep getting these phone calls on my cell phone. I have to wonder if others are too, in fact, I’m certain they probably are.

So this call pops up and it’s a blocked number. Unfortunately, my Mom’s number always shows up as private, so I have no choice but to answer the call. At first it’s a recording with a woman’s voice stating it is my final call (I’ve had dozens of “final” calls) before they close the file on my account and before I lose the opportunity to lower my credit card rates. You are asked to press 1 to speak with a friendly credit specialist. Yes, the recording specifies the person on the other end of the phone will be friendly.

I press 1 and get someone name Darryl on the phone and he asks for if I am speaking to him because I want to lower my credit rates. I ask him what the name of his company is and he tells me “Account Services” so I ask for which account and he tells me all of my credit card accounts. I ask him how he knows if I have any credit card accounts and he tells me that Visa and Mastercard report if I have accounts or not. So I inquire as to whether that is breaking my privacy rights and he responds with asking if I want to lower my rates. I ask him for the phone number of his company and he says that is reserved for their clients, so I say “Well, if you are calling me, then obviously you are working with my credit card companies, so wouldn’t that make me a client?” I again ask for his phone number and he again refused, so I told him to take me off his list and not call me again, or I will report the company.

Several hours later, another phone call…this time it’s Travis. I ask Travis the name of his company, he tells me he is calling from Account Services. I ask where his company is located and he comes right out and says “I am not telling you that.” Obviously Travis (if that’s even his real name) knows he is doing something wrong. I ask him why he is calling me, he, unlike the promise of the pre-recorded voice, is not so friendly and yells at me, telling me that he is here to help me and not hear me complain and he promptly hangs up on me,

Unfortunately, I doubt this will be the last phone call I receive from Account Services. I did some googling and found there are numerous people who are complaining about the same continuous phone calls from Account Services and that it is a credit card scam. I think I am going to have to call the Florida Attorney General office.


I despise it. I despise greed and I really despise what greed does to people and how they change when they see dollar signs.

You see it when someone passes away. Suddenly family members, or those who think they are entitled come out from whatever rock they’ve been hiding under. Even long lost friends suddenly reappear. Children, who haven’t been in contact with their parent for years are all of a sudden the grieving and caring child…oh, and by the way, “did they have a will” slips past their lips.

You tell a friend about a business venture and you’d like to include them and share the wealth, so to speak, because that’s who you are. You want to help your friends and you want them to be successful. You, in just normal discussion, talk about how things might go, what their involvement might be and it’s all at one point simply discussion, because nothing is set in stone as of yet. Then, suddenly when things look as if they are about to take off, you discuss it some more, but this time the situation and business model has changed, so therefore the structure of compensation has changed as well. In the meantime, they’ve done some research themselves and see the magnitude of what could be and now they want even more money than originally discussed and I have to say that the compensation originally discussed was pretty darn good and the new compensation is actually even better, but they want more!!

Then, you have them thinking that they are playing you. Trying to manipulate you and they think they’re hiding it so well, but you see right through their game. I despise manipulation almost as much as I despise greed. UGH. It’s just so ugly. So here’s this couple…one is saying they want this and this and this and the other is trying to be all cool and collected and laid back and saying “Oh, if so and so, gets out of hand, and starts demanding too much, you let me know and I’ll take care of it.” It’s absurd. Then, get this, we’re on the phone with the one who states they want everything and right after we hang up, the other one calls. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Just how stupid do you think we are? Oh and by the way “Hello????We’re supposed to be friends!!!” Oh and you of all people know the type of people we are….stand up, honest, and have a really big sense of integrity. You’ve known us for several years and you know that, you’ve commented on it. Now, here comes the money and suddenly you think we’re not going to be fair?

ugh….I so despise greed.

I just watched a segment on the Today show with a family intervention for a young woman names Allison Hertz, who is overweight and it is part of a reality show called “Addicted to Food.” The family confronted her about her weight, the young girl weighed over 300 lbs. Her Dad said “we’ve tried everything,” but her Dad needed to take a look in the mirror! He’s very overweight too!! OMG, I can only imagine how that girl was feeling. Here she was, in what she probably thought was her safe place and her family, the people you’re supposed to count on to help protect you are betraying her right there on camera, before thousands of people. Her brother talking about going to Starbucks and there was someone in there that she didn’t want to have them see her. Thanks dear brother, do you think she’ll ever be able to see that person again and not think about your betrayal of her. He would never have known she was out there, if you didn’t just tell the world!

Shame on all of you for betraying the trust and the sacred place of your daughter and sister. Shame on you for exposing her to the eyes of the world. Having been in her shoes, previously weighing close to 400 lbs (although I still say there was a point in my life I was well over 400, but I just don’t have written proof of that), I think I know how she was feeling. Her mind was probably racing, not knowing what to do or say, being put on the spot like that.

Why not just love her and accept her for who she is. I’ll bet she is a beautiful person and has a great big heart, but you are all so close minded that you can’t see that. You only see her weight. Shame on you.

So many people make unfair and untrue judgments about others, about what they look like on the outside. Why? Why does the world have to judge others because of what they look like? And, I’m not just talking about race here, I’m talking about physical aspects. Weight seems to be one of the last things that society deems as “acceptable” to make fun of people. Sure, there is plenty of racism still in the world, which in itself still baffles me, but there’s also lots of discrimination based upon weight and weight alone.

If you’re overweight, that automatically means that you’re fat, you’re lazy, you’re stupid, oh you just sit there and eat and eat. Well, I have news for you….THAT’S NOT TRUE!! OK, I didn’t get to be almost 400 lbs back then by not eating. I had a pretty shitty childhood and found food as a sort of self love. It made me feel better, even if for just a moment. But, as an adult, I tried and tried to lose weight, and I most certainly wasn’t parked on the couch in front of the television just shoveling food in my mouth like people think. In fact, there were often times, I would only eat one meal a day, yet I still didn’t lose weight and I could never understand why.

It wasn’t until I really did a lot of self reflection about my life and where I wanted to be. I worked on me…no one did it for me and no one pushed me into it. I decided that it was time for me to make myself a priority and that is when I learned everything I could about my body, about diet, about food, about metabolism, about exercise and more. I found myself an incredible support system to help me along the way. I also found people who were not supportive and those people were removed from my life, as quickly as they had come into it.

Today, I am 146 lbs and maintaining…even that takes hard work. But, I am able to do it by remaining ever conscious of what goes into my body and being diligent and sometimes even to this day selfish about taking care of myself and remaining focused on me.

My message to Allison’s family….just love her, support her and Dad, lead by example! How about you drop some of those pounds and stop putting your belt under your belly and actually wear your pants around your waist when you get one. How about you work hard on you and invite her to join you on walks. Don’t sign her up to a gym, the people there can be just as mean and she will be just as self conscious. Love her for who she is, STOP making her think that because she is overweight that there is something wrong with her. Just love her. Allison, I love you and you are beautiful!!

There, I’ve said it….I admit it fully, there is absolutely no denying it.

I am an “addict.”  What’s my vice you ask?  It’s my bathroom scale…I am addicted to it, I cannot go a day without getting on it…my scale and I have a special relationship.

Yes, yes, I know, the scale doesn’t always tell the truth.  There are days when I loath that damn scale, I hate it with a passion, but it speaks to me every morning, I hear it calling out to me and the moment I awake, I have to answer it’s call. Of course, there’s the stop to go to the bathroom first, I simply cannot visit with the scale without first visiting the toilet.  I’m sure the scale is jealous, as the toilet laughs and says, “Ha, ha…she comes to me first.”  But the scale is not easily taunted, for it know the control it has over the Goddess who is about to stand upon it, with her bare feet and her naked body, the scale knows it can make or break her day.

That scale has a special place too, that nothing else is allowed to touch…placed very carefully within one marble tile on the floor, always aligned, always in the exact same spot, in the exact same position.  “Here she comes” the scale taunts back to the toilet, “She’s mine now, I’ve got her right where I want her.”

I stand there, looking down, wondering to myself if it will be good to me today, or if it will continue to frustrate me as it has done for so very long.  I wonder if I should try to go to the bathroom one more time, even though I just did two minutes ago.  Slowly, I remove my slippers and press the button wit my big toe…I know I am addicted, but I can’t help myself.

You see, that scale has been an integral part of my life for over three years now…it’s seen me through a lot of good times and for the most part it has been very good to me.  It rewards me for my hard work and has given me joy each time it shows me that I’m closer and closer to my goal.  Yet, these days, it is not so good to me, the closer I get to my goal, the harder that scale is on me.  There will be days and weeks where it won’t budge, it refuses to listen to my pleas of mercy, my begging is futile.  It’s cruelty really shows when rather then going down, it will go up…and for no apparent reason.  I didn’t cheat, I didn’t eat more than I was supposed to and I certainly didn’t eat something that wasn’t allowed and I worked out hard.  I was a good girl, yet the scale seems to find pleasure in making my rewards these days far and few between.

17lbs, that’s all I am asking it for, 17lbs…is that so hard to give me?  After all, it has given me over 200 already, why should 17 be so hard?  Yes, I said it, no, it was not a typo…200, my scale has given me 200 lbs, I have worked and worked hard for it and I have been rewarded.  Yes, I could have taken the easy way out, but I didn’t want to go that route, I wanted to change my life, but didn’t want to change it that drastically.  So, I have worked, I have been focused, determined and I let absolutely nothing get in the way of reaching my ultimate prize.

For 43 years the scale was my enemy, it wasn’t my friend, we rarely visited and now, I cannot be without it.  If I have to go out of town for a few days, I swear if there were a way, I would take my friend with me.  Recently, I had to fly north for a funeral and had to leave my precious scale behind, but I never forget about my scale, thinking about it every day and counting the days until we could visit once again.  My beloved told me he was going to move my scale and not give it back to me until I had been home for at least a week.  You see, while I was away, I couldn’t go to the gym, I had little control over the foods that we reserved at family get together’s and of the restaurants that were chosen.  I tried very hard to make good choices while I was gone, but, as my scale reminds me daily, even when I make good choices, I do not always receive the expected reward.

January 5, 2005…The scale and I started to bond, as time went on, our friendship grew, there came a time when I looked forward to our visits with excitement and as we said goodbye, I was virtually counting the moments until we met again.  But now, my friend isn’t always so good to me, there are days when I feel betrayed, because I know it does not always state the truth.  I used to depend on the scale, it was something I could count on and now, it’s taunts me.

Slowly, I wait for the beep which tells me it is ready for me to stand upon it’s precious pedestal, I step up, holding my breath, refusing to look down, listening to it count down…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…beep, beep, beep.  Now, I am allowed to look, Slowly I look, hoping today it will give me that reward I need so much, I let my breath out with a sigh of relief, 4 ounces, today it has given me 4 ounces, it has rewarded my hard work.  These days any downward trend is a sign of victory, a reward for me, today, I am relieved, my friend was good to me.  Perhaps tomorrow’s visit will also be a blessing to our friendship.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to end my addiction, is there a cure?  I wonder if it will ever be possible to be without my scale, will I be able to put it in the back of my mind and visit only once in a while?  Or, will there come a time where I am able to just end our relationship and cut off my addiction, never to be seen again?

I’m not sure what the answers are to those questions, but I do know where I will be tomorrow morning…standing there, naked and barefoot, holding my breath, hoping for the smallest of rewards.

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Vito’s Chop House
8633 International Drive,
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 354-2467 ‎

We were recently in Orlando on business for three days, attending several different conventions. Having been to Orlando many times, we know that restaurants can be crazy busy. But as crazy busy at it is, there’s no excuse for a hostess misleading you about a wait time. Upon arrival, we were told it would be about 45 minutes, not bad by Orlando’s standards, so we took our buzzer thingy and waited outside with our friends from Kentucky who had met us at the convention. An hour later, after standing out side (standing because there is absolutely no seating available), we went back inside to see where our name was on the list. The hostess then tells us it’ll be about another 25 minutes. Meanwhile, we see loads of people pulling up and going in and being seated. Apparently they called just before leaving their hotels, no one told us there was call ahead seating. We could have went outside, called and been seated sooner. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Well, 25 minutes last we’re still waiting, starving, it’s now 8:30 and we’ve been waiting 90 minutes. I don’t get hunger pains, my metabolism isn’t built that way, but even my stomach was hurting. Walking inside, we were told that we were the next table and that we’d be seated in about 5 minutes, as our table was being bussed. Finally, 20 minutes later we were seated.

It was another 10 minutes before any wait staff had come to our table to find out our beverage choice, we weren’t even given any water or bread up to that point. The 4 of us had already decided upon our appetizer and dinner, but we were only able to get our choice of water out nad 1 glass of wine before our waiter, Nemo, was off again. Water and wine came back about another 10 minutes later. He was about to leave when we told him we’d like to order and he took our appetizer order and was gone. It took 45 minutes from the time we sat down, until the time that our appetizers were delivered to the table. Who do you blame at that point, he blamed the kitchen for being slow, however there was another empty table when we had been seated and the people who were seated after us, already had their meal. I blame the waiter for the slowness, especially since we told him when we sat down that we were starving!

About 5 minutes before our appetizers arrived, we had bread delivered to the table. It was good bread, tasted freshly baked. But by then, my water glass was empty and despite my asking for a refill it didn’t come. Our appetizers were delivered, I stole my husband water since hewas drinking wine anyway. Our waiter finally game with the water pitcher and said he’d let us enjoy our appetizers for a bit before putting our dinner order in. It’s now almost 10pm….I immediately said no, please put our dinner orders in now. Yes, I was polite, no I was not rude and no I didn’t treat him poorly, I simply expressed our desire not to wait any longer than necessary.

I know some people like to enjoy a leisurely dinner and we do too. However, when you’ve been STANDING outside for nearly 2 hours, then sitting inside for another 45 minutes without being served a thing, you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary. He finally had gotten the hint that we were hungry. Earlier, he brought around a tray of steaks for us to see what they looked like and for him to give us an explanation between the variations…we didn’t need that either, the friends wer were dining with raised beef cattle and we’ve been to our fair share of high end steak houses, we know our beef. However, that’s not something he would have known, so I can’t fault him for doing his job.

Our appetizers arrived and were delicious. Hubby and I had ordered “Beef Carpaccio” and the serving size was HUGE! Plenty for 2 people and prepared perfectly and indeed delicious. The Caesar salad (mine with anchovies) was delicious. Our friends had ordered filet mignon for him and a pork chop for her. Nemo had tried to talk her into the double pork chop plate, but when this monster arrived it was massive. Who in the world could ever eat 2 – 32 oz pork chops?? Albeit is, it was ala carte and if you wanted a veggie or something you had to order separately, but goodness that’s a LOT of food. Hubby went for the 18oz sirloin and I had their smallest beef available, the 13 oz. filet mignon. I don’t eat a lot of beef, when I do I want it to be worth the calories and worth the cholesterol. (Not that I have high cholesterol, mine is actually perfect), but I am very choosy about the foods I put in my body.

My filet mignon had a fair amount of fat on one end, but I do have to say it was prepared exactly as ordered, rare….the inside was cold, the outside with a nice crisp to it, but the inside cool to cold. Perfect. And I swear it was the best tasting filet I have ever had. Felt like butter melting in my mouth.

The side we chose was satueed button mushrooms…I’m not 100% positive that they were not canned mushrooms, although in a place like Vito’s, if they were canned, I’d have to say shame on you.

For us, and the restaurants we are used to eating out, the prices were reasonable, in fact, inexpensive. For the 4 of us, without dessert, the bill came to $186 plus a 20% tip. By the time we were served dinner, it was just way too late for dessert. Had we received our dinner earlier, I think we would have ordered a piece of the chocolate cake we had seen served at another table.

All in all, Vito’s was good food wise. And, I think we would go back there again the next time we have a convention in Orlando. Definitely need to make reservations ahead of time. I’d even do it a few days ahead to be sure I could get in. In regards to service and speed, I have to say Vito’s failed. The hostess should have been honest about the wait time, although perhaps they are instructed by management not to be honest, as there are other restaurants within walking distance. And the waiter, when we were first seated, should have had water and bread to our table immediately, not 45 minutes later. And, when we expressed to him that we had been waiting 2 hours and were hungry, he should have seen to it that our orders were taken immediately.

I give Vito’s Chop House an “A” for food and a “C” for service.

Whatever happened to good customer service?  You know, those people who get paid to assist you when you walk into an establishment.  Whether it be an office, restaurant, retail store or other business, there are people who are supposed to be providing customer service.  In a restaurant, you have a Host or Hostess who seats you and a wait staff who is supposed to see to your needs, from taking you order, to bringing your food and making sure you are served well and happy and in return you leave them a nice tip, a percentage based upon the cost of your meal. This tip is usually based upon the service that you’ve received from the staff at the restaurant.  In a retail store, there are the sales personnal, who perhaps are supposed to help you find a product or make recommendations based upon what you tell them you are looking for and the cash register person who is supposed to ring your items up and take your payment.  In a business, you often have a receptionist who greets you as you come in.  These are all jobs in which the person doing them is making a salary to provide a service to you, correct?  But, in reality, how often does you really get good customer service these days?

This reminds me of an incident I had a few years ago with Cottman Transmission Service in Barnegat, NJ.  I had taken my car in to have it checked out because there was a minor transmission leak.  The car ran just fine and the only problem I had was when it got low on transmission fluid, it would clunk in gear.  I would add some transmission fluid and the car was fine until it ran a little low again.  Cottman had an ad offering a free transmission check, so I took it in.  A day later, they called me and told me, that not only did I owe them $300 for checking the transmission, but that I needed a brand new transmission which was going to cost an additional $1,200.  It turns out that their free check was to check the fluid levels and that was it.  Wow, I could (and did) do that myself!  I argued and argued with them and told them no, I did not need a new transmission, the car ran fine other then the small leak and since they never mentioned this $300 charge, I didn’t feel it was justified.  They refused to release my car and wanted another $300 to put the original transmission back in the car.  After a lot of aggravation, I called their corporate office.  I got a Customer Service rep on the phone and explained the situation to her.   This didn’t get me anywhere, as all she did was conference me on the phone with the local office once again, where I had the same exact arguement that I had been having.  She didn’t say a word then entire time I was having a debate with the store manager.  After a while, I asked “Whatever happened to Customer Service?”  Well, the dumb bitch only then piped in and chanted “I’m right here!”   I swear, if I could have reached through the phone and slapped her I would have.  In the end, I paid the $300, had my car towed out of there and to another transmission shop, where I paid them $150 to put the transmission back in and do a general service on it.  Gee, the transmission that I was told was beyond repair, ran quite well after that and continued to do so for several more years, as I kept the car as a second car for 3 more years before giving it to my now ex, in the hopes it would help him move along and away from me.  I wonder whatever did happen to Customer Service…she was pretty ditzy.

How many times have you gone to a store and waited for service while two or more Customer Service people were standing there and having a conversation, and then be treated as if you were bothering them and they were doing you a favor by performing the job that they are getting paid to perform?!  How many times have you been met by a grumpy receptionist, who is on a personal phone call when you are standing there and again, you are treated like you are bothering them and they’re doing you a favor?

This is ridiculous!  Where is the manager in this case?  Sadly, sometimes it is the manager who is the guilty party!  If you are so unhappy at your job and you don’t like doing it, then find a new job.  Don’t treat people poorly because you don’t want to work at the job you are getting paid for!   We all need to take a stand and make people accountable for their actions.  And if you are one of those Customer Service Reps who does this to your customers, then I suggest you get a job where you don’t have to deal with people, because we are sick and tired of receiving poor customer service!

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